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Feb 23

Gezira Island, also known as Zamalek Island, is located in the Nile River in Cairo, Egypt. It is a small island with a population of approximately 20,000 people. The island is home to many of Cairo’s most affluent residents and is known for its luxurious lifestyle.

The island was originally part of the mainland until it was cut off from the mainland by the construction of the Aswan Dam in 1902. This created a natural barrier between Gezira Island and the rest of Cairo. Since then, the island has become a popular spot for wealthy Egyptians to live and enjoy life in luxury.

Gezira Island is home to some of Cairo’s most famous landmarks, including the Cairo Tower, which stands at 187 meters tall and offers stunning views over the city; The Egyptian Museum; The Museum of Islamic Art; The Citadel; and The Great Pyramids at Giza. There are also numerous parks and gardens on the island that provide visitors with plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy nature.

The island also has several high-end shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs and hotels that cater to its wealthy residents and tourists alike. In addition to these amenities, there are also several cultural attractions on Gezira Island such as art galleries, theatres and cinemas that offer entertainment for all ages. 

Gezira Island is connected to downtown Cairo by two bridges: The 6th October Bridge and The Qasr El-Nil Bridge. These bridges provide easy access from downtown Cairo to Gezira Island so that visitors can easily explore all that it has to offer. 

The climate on Gezira Island is typically hot during summer months with temperatures reaching up to 40°C (104°F). During winter months temperatures drop significantly with an average low temperature of 10°C (50°F). This makes it ideal for those who want to escape from the heat during summer months but still enjoy a comfortable climate year-round. 

In addition to its many attractions, Gezira Island also offers plenty of activities for visitors including water sports such as sailing and windsurfing; horseback riding; golfing; tennis; squash; bowling; ice skating; fishing; cycling; hiking; bird watching; and much more! There are also plenty of spas on the island offering massages and other treatments for those looking for some relaxation after a long day exploring all that Gezira Island has to offer! 

Gezira Island truly offers something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for luxury living or simply want an escape from your everyday life - this beautiful little island has something special waiting just around every corner!